Wed. May 25th, 2022

AirTight Brings AirPlay Support For Google TV

Since the Apple has rolled out the AirPlay feature in iPad 2 and to other older gen devices, it appears that many developers comes up with numerous different hacks for the AirPlay that allow the users to mirror the display on any device around them. It appears that no one has yet to provide the AirPlay compatibility with Apple’s biggest rival product Google TV. The AirPlay is basically limited only to the Apple’s TV and allow users to mirror their media on bigger screens using the AirPlay with latest Apple TV.

However, the old days are gone. It is reported that there is a new application landed in the Android Market for the Google TVs box running the latest 3.0 version with aim to provide the AirPlay compatibility with iOS devices, and let users to mirror their display on bigger screens using AirPlay with Google TV. The new app allow users to stream their content to Google TV using AirPlay from their iPhone and iPad.

AirTight Brings AirPlay For Google TV

AirTight is the application which lands in the Android Market to provide you the AirPlay compatibility on Google TV set-up box. The application is available in the Android Market for $0.99 to Google TV users. The new AirTight application will allow users to stream videos, pictures and other media from their devices to Google TV within using the AirPlay UI on the device. However, the application still does not supports the all features of the iOS AirPlay with Google TV, therefore, you would not be able to mirroring, DRM protected video and music to Google TV using the AirTight.

In case of hooking up this application, first you have to update your device to latest version of Google TV and then to kick it on the device. The developers has said to be working on the next version of the app which may come with the fixes, and with the compatibility of Music and DRM video streaming.