Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Apple To Implement Airplay Mirroring & iMessage In Next Mac OS X

It appears that Apple is working to port the iMessage and AirPlay feature to its new upcoming Mac OS X Lion future versions. Both of the feature applications are currently in the development. Sources close to the future production of Mac OS claim that Apple developer department is looking forward to implementing these features on Mac OS X Lion Until now, this is the first claim we hear about the implementation of AirPlay and iMessage into Mac OS X, there is still a layer of confusion about the availability of the features in next versions of Mac OS.

AirPlay on Mac OS X Lion will allow users to wirelessly exactly mirror their screen to other fellows connected within one connection. The feature will work similarly to iOS AirPlay feature. It appears that the new feature in Mac OS also allows users to mirror their screen to iOS devices.

On the launch of iMessage, we heard a rumor from sources that Apple may merge the Mac OS iChat with the iOS 5 iMessage,  but the today’s report claimed that if they implement iMessage to Mac OS X then for sure it comes as a standalone application in the operating system. Still, we can’t be sure on the claim of earlier sources because there might be a lot of things after a sometime of this report. This iMessage application will connect to iMessage for iOS, which debuted as a free messaging client for iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches running iOS 5.