Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Air Display Let You Use Your iPad 3 As Retina Display For Mac

The team behind the popular Air Display app for the iOS that allows you to mirror you Mac OS displays to the iOS devices through using the Apple’s advanced Air Play features for the devices. The team behind the application is now reportedly claimed that they are soon going to upgrade their application with the new iPad 3 features and Retina Display images and new features for the Mac OS devices to use iOS devices as external display for your iOS devices.

Air Display app for iOS in short allows you to use your iPad (iPhone, iPod Touch) as an external display for your Mac or Windows Computer. There is a demo video of their application running on the old generation iPad 2 demoing the external display feature. With this application, the iPad and other iOS devices act as a wireless screen to your Mac OS device screen that can be use similar to the internal OS X display with same manners.

The interesting fact about the application is going to gather new Retina Display images for the new iPad 3 with having the resolution of 2048×1536, and the new iPad work as a secondary display for the original Mac OS device, and uses the new HiDPI mode for the OS X to support high resolution graphics on the external display of the operating system on the iPad 3.

Apple has already been upgrading its stock OS X applications with the new HiDPI graphics images, and making a way to import the Retina Display panel to the iMacs and other MacBook Pros with the new generation update. The new technology uses by Air Display convert your Retina display iPad to 1024×768 and bring all the retina graphics on it without resizing the applications and making any changes to the artwork.

Air Display is a $9.99 Universal App in the App Store. [iTunes] The Retina-enabled version will be included in a forthcoming update.