Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Ahead Of Leak, Facebook Messenger For Windows Released Officially

An Israeli blog some hours back revealed that there is a Facebook Messenger going to be released soon officially by Facebook for Windows OS. They also made the leaked Facebook
Messenger available to download.


Now after that leak, Facebook it self released the Facebook Messenger for Windows OS. They displayed the complete information on there Help Center

Messenger is a Windows is a new, trial application that lets you use Facebook without being on While you surf the web or use other applications on your computer, you can:

Chat and message with your friends on Facebook
See the latest updates from your friends in ticker
Get quick notifications about what’s going on

We’re testing out a first version of the app with a small group of people. During this trial period, we plan on rolling out changes to the app and expect outages and periods of instability as we make improvements.

To try out the first version of this app, just complete a one-time setup. Note: Messenger for Windows will automatically install updates.

So everyone should give a try to the new Facebook Messenger for Windows OS. To download the Facebook Messenger officially, click here.

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