Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

After The Huge Controversy’s Apple Is Buying Anobit, An Israeli Flash Memory Producer

To make the long story short, Samsung has been copying Apple like hell from the iPad and iPhone has released. With out any issue Samsung has been casing on Apple about the patents fights but as usually Samsung is the god of technology in Asia and they have been winning the cases and iPad has been stopped delivering around Asia.

Before the patents fight for sure Apple’s main display, flash memory provider has been Samsung at least flash memory was only received by Samsung as of the display which has been also shipped by Sharp and LG to Apple. So due to controversies around Apple has decided to leave Samsung and buy an Israel based flash memory company named “Anobit” which will cost Apple around 400 to 500 million US dollars. The backward vertical integration between Apple and Anobit will be the first deal under the current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook

Anobit has been already providing flash already for many mobile devices around and its special Memory Signal Processor (MSP) which actually boosts your flash system . They also create “MSP20xxx” which is an embedded slash controller.

TechCrunch has told that the Anobit’s NAND chips are already being used in the Apples devices and one can be found in your iPhone 4S’s and its not by Samsung for sure.

So after the Samsung’s game Apple has saved there ass and left out the trash which has been evolving many inflictions around the globe plus in tech market.