Sat. May 21st, 2022

Aerodrom: AirPlay Server For Windows PC Allows To Stream Music To iPhone

One of the most wanted feature of iPad 2 was the AirPlay which was limited only to iPad 2, but later makes it way to the iPhone 4 and now officially present in the iPhone 4S, while Apple launched the AirPlay functionality in the iOS devices they have once again limited the functionality of AirPlay to Mac OS users, and left behind the Window OS users.

But now thanks to the developers hard work and research, as mentioned above in the title we finally have a tool which provides the same functionality between our iOS devices and Windows OS PC’s. Aerodrom is a new tool available there to provide the same AirPlay functionality on your Windows OS once it installs on the machine, and allows you to stream videos, audios and all other supported data between your PC and iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The working of Aerodrom is similar to the built-in functionality of AirPlay in Mac OS and other compatible supported third party applications, the Aerodrom enable the wireless AirPlay streaming through the machine installed copy of iTunes on Windows PC, and without any need of syncing anything with the iTunes on any connection. You can stream almost all of the available supported things between your Windows OS PC and iPhone or other iOS devices. With the use of Aerodrom, now you can share your content with your PC directly at any time, and you don’t have to setup any additional settings to make it work on your device and machine.

As we have mentioned above, the tool also allows you to share your presentations, photo streams, and other supported things with your PC or even with bigger screen such as connected TV or projector. To work correctly on Windows OS the Aerodrom requires the Microsoft Net Framework 4.0 and the latest version of Windows Media Player, Bonjour for Windows and supports only the iTunes 9.2 to 10.2 for audio and video support, the tool minimum requires the iOS 4.2.1 device or later and the device through which you want to stream your data must be connected with same Wi-Fi network.

It’s worth note here, that the current tool does not supports the most latest iOS 5 firmware, which Apple has released last week with some new features. Aerodrom is available for Windows SP2 to Windows 7, there are currently two flavors available for the Aerodrom, the demo version and the purchased full version priced at 9.99 euros.

You can purchase the product from here.