Sat. May 21st, 2022

Adult Likes To Carry iPhone, Teens Prefer Blackberry In UK

Is RIM’s Blackberry smartphone really dead? If you ask me, I will say no! A new survey claimed that Blackberry has still some demand in market, not around the globe but at least in some big countries like UK. Ofcom a survey deduction company submits a new report, which claims that iPhone is the most   demanded smartphone among the adults in UK, while the teens in UK still demands Blackberry as a their favorite smartphone. According to survey almost one in three UK (32%) adult have Apple’s iPhone and total 37% of teens have RIM’s Blackberry.


They survey report consist 2,073 adult votes and 521 teenagers who uses Blackberry and failed to tell the reason why they prefer a BlackBerry smartphone, but one thing they discover during deducting survey that both adult and teenagers love their smartphones to use. About 37% of adults and a whopping 60% of teenagers claim they are “addicted” to their smartphone.