Adobe has today announced an amazing service for developers, which allows them to serve their flash content on iOS devices, yeah. Adobe has officially released a new Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 and Adobe Flash Access 3.0 products with aim to send out their flash content on Apple’s iOS devices, in other way allows iOS devices owners to access Flash Content on their devices without any permission of Apple. Adobe Flash technology was rejected by Apple for a quite time, just because Apple thinks flash kills the resources of iOS devices, and slows down their devices.  But now with the release of Adobe Flash Media Server, adobe finally get rid from Apple’s restriction gate and finds out a way to allow iOS users to access flash content on iOS devices without any concern of Apple.

Adobe’s Flash Media Server 4.5 will allow media publishers to deliver Flash content to the iPhone or iPad without requiring Mobile Safari to support the Adobe Flash technology, as reported by Adobe it performs a similar task as most known browser “SkyFire” doing for iOS devices, by rendering the Flash content on a remote server and streaming it to the iDevice. The process of converting flash content to the supported from on the server also solves the problem of flash killing iOS devices resources as Apple highlighted them on kicking out the Adobe technology from their iOS.