Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Add NFC Technology To Your iPhone With Simple Workaround

If you have great interest in technology news, you must know that there will be a new feature present in some smartphones that can easily replace the old system of payment with lot of credit cards, and with that system. We not have to carry a case of credit cards and debit cards to pay bills. I’m talking about the Near Field Communication, NFC enabled smart phones, we have already seen the NFC feature in the Google Nexus S, and it also does need of introduction. But at this time point is, world’s most popular smart phone has not picked up the technology yet, and also we are seeing there are no chances of picking up the modern wireless technology. Apple has not mentioned yet that they will implement such thing in any of their device or not. We are hearing day by day, that several banks, companies around the globe have adopted the technology to transfer the cash from one account to another.

So today we come up with a neat trick that will adds NFC technology in your iPhone and makes your iPhone again to fight with other rival companies smartphones. According to the report, there are also some banks, which are providing some sort of cards with having NFC technology built into it.  So if you obtain that card, here is cool tip for you, you can place the bank NFC issued card between the battery and back glass plate of your iPhone 4, as we know NFC enabled cards are smaller than your normal credit card, so to place inside your iPhone you not need to cut.