Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Activate Siri On iPhone 4 By Simply Calling Its Name

As we have said before, it’s a Siri event, you will find Siri everywhere on the internet valley and everyone tries to come up with a new thing about Siri, the most recently we have reported that hackers have started founding a way to exploit the Apple’s lady queen personal assistant, and they have found a way to add custom commands to Siri on iPhone 4S. While Apple has already filled up the Siri with amazing content, but still it seems that a lot of things are missing. Siri is an intelligent personal assistant by Apple, which reduces the use of touch screens on our phones, but in directly increases the use of Apple’s “Home” button on iPhone 4S.

It appears today that a hacker comes up with a nice effort to improve the Siri on iPhone 4S. The hacker just launches “Hands-Free Control” tweak in Cydia, which aims to provide you a voice command on your device to activate the Siri on the iPhone. In directly the tweaks adds the ability to your iPhone 4S to activate the Siri without using a button, while using the tweak you only have to say, “Siri” around your iPhone to activate it on the device. It seems to be pretty interesting… !

So with the use of this tweak, you simply have to call your virtual assistant, and she obliges. Until now, you have to double tap on your home button to activate it. We are currently not able to check out this tweak, but if you have resources to test it. Let us know how it works.

Below is the video demonstration of the Tweak:


Thanks to Totti  for sharing the video.

So this is just a Tweak which lets you modify the current Voice Control in your iPhone and might be in other devices too. This is just a Tweak for those, who were waiting for the original SIRI from iPhone 4S to be ported to the old iPhone 4 and iPod 4, some how that is illegal and mentioned above, So this is basically for those users. The only difference is of the modification. You can say SIRI and voice call will be activated on your iPhone and on iPhone 4S you say the same and SIRI would be activated.

Don’t forget that SIRI is nothing new added by Apple in iPhone 4S. It is the same voice control thing re innovated in new design and with some new features. So don’t go crazy about it. Hackers can do something to provide you people with the same or much better features on the current voice control.