Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

ActionSlider – A Quick Powerful Control Panel For Notification Center

Yet another tweak is launched in the Cydia Store aiming to provide users something new on their iOS devices, and especially focusing on the iOS Notification Center, as it can be easily access through any application and window on your device with just a single drag down of the finger on your device. ActionSlider is a new tweak launched in the Cydia Store, and comes as widget for iOS Notification Center that allows you to perform little tasks quickly on your device with addition of some toggles on your iOS Notification Center.


ActionSlider is a simple tweak but with complex UI on the iOS Notification Center, and allows you to add some additional toggles on the iOS notification Center to perform specified assigned tasks on your device. It adds an additional toggle on the iOS notification that allows you perform tasks like killing the background applications, closing the all applications or just bringing the multitask-bar on your device with the slide of toggle from iOS Notification Center. There are the numbers of tasks that it can perform on your device with toggle slide:


ActionSlider is still in beta testing, and according to its developer there are many further features in pipeline that will come along with the final version of the ActionSlider. The tweak doesn’t add any icon to your device dashboard, instead provide you a window in of your device through which you can configure the tweak on your device, like you can select kill all the background apps on the gesture of sliding the toggle to most right. ActionSlider also gives you a quick option on the settings that lets you easily disable or enable tweak, so it means you don’t have to uninstall the tweak in order to disable it on your device.