Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Ac1dSn0w Beta 2 Releases Fixes Copyright Infringement Issues

It seems that a bunch of new iOS hackers just come again in the market with a clean chit piece of code to jailbreak Apple’s iOS devices. The Pwn DevTeam has just released the first major update to their newly launched jailbreak tool, Ac1dSn0w. The Pwn DevTeam jailbreak tool does not come up with anything just serve as an alternative to famous jailbreak tools like, RedSn0w and Sn0wBreeze.

Ac1dSn0w was firstly, launched last week, but later iOS hackers found out that the new team has used an Apple’s copyrighted code in the program which makes the copyright infringement case on the team. However, the team has just fixes the copyright infringement issues and releases a complete rewritten jailbreak tool with their own piece of code. The newly launched beta 2 of the Ac1dSn0w weighs about 11MB.

As we have noted above the Ac1dSn0w only offers the already available exploit jailbreak to the devices, and even doesn’t support any latest device. Ac1dSn0w at the current moment only supports the tethered jailbreak, which is already available with the existence famous jailbreak tools. We have not much information about the legitimacy of the tool, and we really don’t recommend you to shift your content to it.

At another side of the story, the Pwn DevTeam claims many things for the Ac1dSn0w future releases, the team has claimed to offer “remote jailbreak an iDevice” but at the current moment with the beta 2 release, they could not be able to demo any of the claimed features in the Ac1dSn0w.