Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Aaron Sorkin Writer Of The Social Network To Write Steve Jobs Movie

From the last month, we have been hearing about the Sony Pictures to film on the Walter Isaacson’s Official Steve Jobs biography, in addition to the project, we have learnt that Sony Pictures was courting the famous screenplay writer, Aaron Sorkin, to write a screen play for the Steve Jobs biography movie. Aaron Sorkin is famous for his screen play work on The West Wings, The Social Network, and A Few Good Men. Sorkin, has already proved his skills with Sony on the tech story of The Social Network.


In addition to it, E! Online now reported that Sorkin has publicly revealed that he has been “strongly considering” talking on the Jobs Biography screenplay, and finishes the life of rumors regarding the screen play writer:

“Sony has asked me to write the movie and it’s something I’m strongly considering,” Sorkin told us at the P.S. Arts Express Yourself 2011 event in Santa Monica.

“Right now I’m just in the thinking-about-it stages,” he said. “It’s a really big movie and it’s going to be a great movie no matter who writes it.”

In another report about the Jobs biography screen play, rumors has suggested that Sony Pictures considering to pick George Clooney or Noah Wyle to play the leading role of Steve Jobs in their movie. In the past, we have seen Wyle as performing the Jobs in the film “Pirates of Silicon Valley.” There are lots of rumors surrounding the tech and media world regarding the Jobs filmography. We will keep you update on the Jobs filmography.