Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

A Man Enters In Apple Store With An Assault Rifle (Photo)

Wow Looks like the time has come to shut down the Fake Apple Stores in China. This person entered in Apple Store with an Assault Rifle.

Employee: ” Who are you Sir?”

Person: ” I bought this MAC Book from you and this is a fake one. You changing it or shall I change you.”


What the hell he was thinking while entering in the Apple Store? The person is carrying SIG SG 550 with him. Was he there to rob the Apple Store with his partner sitting in front of him wearing black shades and waiting for the right time and then they will show up.

The Apple Store seems to be very strange. First the person with rifle went in and Apple competitors Laptop, which is Sony VAIO was also spotted int Apple Store. If you see the picture clearly, so you can see a Laptop with Apple Sticker on it next to the guy with black shades on.

Expatch-swiss blog speculates that the  person is in Switzerland in Genève Apple Store with an Assault Rifle. In Switzerland most soldiers take their weapons home with them between duty. You often see them on the train or around town with their big assault rifles.