Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

A Battery Pack And A Projector In Your Pocket, The iPhone 4/4S Case

Folks there are many cases around but this one is really epic, not for some because its epic fat too.. This case is a case, yes its a case but it has a built in projector and a battery pack i.e external/portable battery for the iPh0ne 4 and iPhone 4S. This case was released by a Japanese company named “Century” named this case “monolith“.

The battery inside is a 1,900mAh battery which is rechargable, of course and is portable. The projector inside maps onto the wall/screen in 16:9 format (60 cm), with a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, 640×360 resolution and with 12 lumens brightness.

The size of the case is 63.5×126.6×22mm and the weight is 97 grams (only the case), which means that its a real heavy object too, it should be and over all with the iPhone 4 as 137 g  weighted and adding more 97 g will make it 231 grams and for the iPhone 4S as 140 grams of weight will make it 234 grams of weight which is real epic to carry !

The case is available in both black and white. The battery with out projector can add 50 % of more battery in to the iPhone and with projector the battery pack is capable of running the projector for 3 hours. The battery takes 4 hours to charge completely, and as  this object is by Japan the price in Japan is (US Dollars: 260).