Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

51 Organizations Has Purchased Total 104,901 iPads World Wide

If you are still with those old reports who claimed that the sales of Apple’s iPad is slow, so you must have think again! Because today’s published report chart shows the totally different story and suggests that the iPad sales is on top among the organizations, they are purchasing iPad’s for the need of their systems.


Government organizations has also played important role in the sales chart of iPad, such as NASA and the U.S Geological Survey, but the scene of iPad sales not only limited to the only one genre of organization, also entertainment industry like The Walt Disney Company and the healthcare organizations such as Victoria Hospitals has shows its name in purchasing the Apple’s iPad, also the other organization also shows their crazy attitude over the purchase of iPad, they want their hands on magical device of Apple.


There are about 51 organizations listed below which purchases total 104,901 iPad units for their organizations. The highest buyer currently being Korea Telecom, who has so far purchased 32,000 units of Apple’s iPad.

Check out the complete list below: