Wed. May 25th, 2022

4G LTE iPad 3 Appears In Apple’s Internal Inventory System

Hot on the heals ahead of the iPad 3 launch media event, just couple of minutes left for the start of the media event. It appears that some internal sources have just got their hands on the most skeptical feature of the iPad 3, as the internal sources over the 9to5mac has just got their hands on the internal listing of iPad 3 that reveals the clear mention of 4G LTE technology arrival in the upcoming device.

iPad 3 has been long rumored to carrying a 4G LTE technology from the Apple, but still the feature arrival was not confirmed as the people out there believes that the technology is not yet completely compatible with wide range networks, and might be bad choice to adopt it on such popular device. However, the Mr.X over the 9to5mac has once again backed up the blogging world with his exclusive confirmation of 4G LTE iPad 3 arrival this morning.


The source has also stated the internal iOS code of newer device that was recently debated a lot in top line techies around the world. Mr.X told 9to5mac that the J2A Good model is the 4G LTE iPad 3. The internal names of the upcoming device is already leaked in the world from months, as the iOS community has sharp bloggers and developers to reveal such things before the prime time.