Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

4G LTE Android Phones Are Joke, Admits HTC with Apple

It appears that LTE technology early chips for the smartphone lives are not good, as the HTC big giant notices after the annual loss earning call, and admits that Apple was right in not adopting these LTE technology chips for their devices. HTC earlier last year, adopt the next generation 4G LTE technology baseband chips for their smartphones by compromising on the device size and designs. We have seen many bigger smartphones in the size right after the adoption of the 4G LTE technology chips on their phones.  While on the other side, the biggest another giant of smartphone market Apple didn’t choose to adopt the 4G LTE technology, just because their genius mind developers think that it was not the correct moment to adopt the technology in the very first stages.

In the early days of 4G LTE chips in the devices, many users reported on the battery life problems on their phones, as well as some other bugs in the core of the device just because of the news chips. In addition to these problems, there is still no proper network for the 4G LTE technology across the world. Few numbers of networks have yet to adopt the technology, but only at beginning scale and still trying to expand the network while maintaining the quality.  Last year, we have seen many Apple competitors have laughed on Apple for not adopting the 4G LTE technology in their next generation iPhone 4S, and still chose to wait for the new 4G LTE chips from the giants that maintains the best battery life time on the device, without requiring more space on the device.

However, after this quarter 26% profit lost, HTC finally admitted that they have done a very “big mistake” by adopting the 4G LTE technology in an early stage while knowing that these chips are not best for their devices. While HTC mostly blamed Android and Apple rising competition in their quarter call, and told their investors that this only happened due to the rising competition between Apple iOS and Android devices. HTC also noted in their report that LTE problem could be solved in the next-generation chips, the chips Apple wants for its devices.

Apple has been already rumored to power its iPhone 5 with 4G LTE technology this year with dual baseband chips from Qualcomm just like the iPhone 4S. HTC also said they have also enjoyed the ruling of 4G LTE technology by adopting the technology in early stages. It appears that 2012 will be the best year for LTE iPhone 5.