Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

4 Quick Tips To Save Your Google AdSense Account From Ban

In the last few months, Google has again tightened its rules for the Google AdSense users, and reportedly has done massive accounts banning on Asian AdSense publishers, without even giving any solid reason to them. Almost one third of Asian Blogger (Pakistani mostly) got their accounts banned in past few months.

Many of them were old users of AdSense since 2006 or 2007.  Majority are those who got their accounts recently for over a year or two. Since the massive banning has started, a large number of webmasters around the globe have started pointing out the aggressive moves of Google regarding the AdSense publishers program and trying to clear out new policies, which they have implemented in their system without letting the publishers know.

So by reading their views and guidelines, I have compiled a post that might help you in not getting banned by Google on AdSense program.

safe adsense account from ban

However, these tips and suggestions only work, if you are seeding real and legitimate content to your readers, as well as to search engines.

Reduce Number of Ads:

The first and the major reason to get ban from Google AdSense is the massive umber of ads on your website/ blogs. If you keep your self up to date with Google’s tidbits, so you must beware of the fact that Google and its Google Spam Team once again has started to penalize those people who got massive ads or got ads full of spam with their Google Panda Algorithm.

My advice to you people would be that you should reduce the number ads per page. You can keep the number of ads to two or three per page. After implementing this technique, you will be safe from Google Panda.

Describe Your Ads: 

Many of you might have noticed that these days every blog or website has putted the “Ads or Advertisements” tags on their webpages above the Google AdSense ads or other ads network. As well as big gurus in SEO are suggesting putting these tags above your ads to clear your readers that to whom these are the advertisements, on which they are placing clicks.

You can easily put these tags above your ads by simply using “<p>ADVERTISEMENTS<\p>” before your ad’s code.

Avoid In-text link ads:

Many of you may know about such advertisement network that displays the ads in the text of your content and claims to provide high payout. In real these ads network damages your CTR, as well as damages your reputation in front of search engines. InfoLinks, Kontera or Adbrite these are the few networks that offers in link text ads, try to avoid their services. If you still want to use than try to minimize the number of their ads to 2 to 4.

Placement Of Ads:

Placement of ads at the correct position is one of the most important tasks. This step can bring you a lot of money as well as brings your account in danger. Mostly, users are placing their (AdSense) text ads below the navigation, which indirectly offenses the Google AdSense. Especially, below the drop-down navigation menus of the website, where a reader can accidentally click on your ads. Try to place ads where users can see not accidentally clicks, try to use heat map scripts on your websites to track which portion of the website gets more clicks.

However, there are numerous tips to safe you from this kind of mishaps, but these are the important ones and majority of the beginner bloggers does not know about these deadlines of Google in AdSense Publisher programs.

I will keep you update on these guidelines. If I ever find anything which may help you in continuing your financial blog career, I will try my level best to keep you updated.