Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Will Start Selling iPad 2 3G Model In China From Wednesday

Earlier this month we have reported that Apple has got the information from the China Communication to sell its iPad 2 3G Model, and now it is reported by WSJ that the Apple’s spokesperson has confirmed that Apple will start begin selling 3G version in China.

Apple will soon start selling its 3G version of iPad 2 in China’s land, and also will be offered to the users through their carriers on the data plans. According to the report iPad 2 3G model will be available through the Apple Retail Stores in the China also Online Stores too along with authorized resellers starting from this Wednesday.

Apple has currently only offers iPad 2 Wi-Fi model to its China customers, and at the time of reporting only China’s mainland Hong Kong had access to the Apple’s iPad 2 3G model. Well this things not going to stop there, we are pretty sure soon we will hear that iPad 2 3G model start appearing in the grey market of China and will spread into the whole country.




In couple of days, Apple will also kick out its iPhone 5 in the China through the land main carriers, from couple of months we are continuously hearing that Apple executives had private meeting with Chinese carriers regarding the launch of iPhone 5, and also to talk about the LTE-4G Enabled iPhone.