Sat. May 21st, 2022

24 Retina-Enabled Apps & Games For The New iPad By Apple

The new iPad launch is hours away from the users, but couple of the folks in the United States start getting the new iPad on their hands, thanks to the exclusive offering of the new iPad by Walmart in the country. The first third-party retailer announced a day before the launch that they would start offering the device in their stores with limited supply by 12:01 AM, nearly eight hours before the official Apple’s Retail Stores.

Users quickly moved their butts to Walmart stores, and start making up lines in front of the store with their luck to get hands on the newer devices. It is reported that Walmart has finally begun its new iPad sales in the store. On the other hand, we are here covering the back-end news on our publishing blogs. It is reported that after the user’s personal research of the new Retina display ready applications and games for the next-generation iPad, finally Apple has published a new section in the store with featuring some of the great applications with exclusive Retina display graphic for the new iPad.

Later this morning, Apple has posted a new section in the iTunes Store with highlight some of the “Great Apps for the New iPad”. The section is published to all the iTunes users, and listing many new Retina Display carrying applications and games that can be quickly used on the new iPad after getting the new device in hands. Apple has included some of the really great games of the App Store in the list, featuring the: Flight Control Rocket, Sky Gamblers, Infinity Blade II, and also the applications too, such as: Tweetbot and Evernote.

3rd-Gen iPad will finally come today, and we hope large numbers of the users will get their hands on the device. Apple has currently listed around 24 Retina-enabled applications in the new section of Apps & Games for the new iPad. We hope Apple will actively updates its new section with more content. Check Out The Complete New iTunes Section Here For The New iPad