Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

200 New Features Pushed Up To iOS 5… 10 Revealed

Yesterday was the first day of WWDC in which the great MAC OS X Lion, iOS 5 & iCloud was revealed.

But now we are going to give you the detail of all features described by Scot Forstall about the iOS 5 coming this fall.


Notifications Center: We guess it’s the work of Peter Hajas. Same drop down like the MobileNotifier. Well the notification  center can be dropped down any time when ever you want to have a look of your notifications. It will show you all the  notifications regarding Phone, Messages, Social Apps. It will also be shown on the home screen. You will be able to slide the  notifications and jump on to that.

News Stand: This is a new feature for the news, magazine readers. It also includes “Background Downloads”. From the App  Store you will be able to download your beloved magazine, news paper and after that your job’s finished. For e.g. you  download “The NewYork Times”, it will be configured and will be downloaded every day, the updated one.

Twitter Integration: This was an old rumor, came true. The Twitter will be in your settings. It includes single sign in, no need  to sign in again and again. The tweet option is added up to all the apps. in iOS for e.g. Messages, Photos, Contacts, Safari,  YouTube or Maps. Just start typing its name and iOS 5 will do the rest.

Safari:  Reading List, if you haven’t finished reading yet, bookmark it and you will  be placed from where you finished.  Another feature which is full screen, for e.g. you want to read only the text, hit “Reader”  and you will be pushed into the new  reading experience. You don’t need to hit the bottom right icon to navigate throw web pages, now you are getting to change     the web pages just below the address bar which is quite easy.

Reminders: This is linked with the calender in the iOS, iCloud and Outlook. You can write your reminders and link it with  calender, You will be  reminded any time you want. It also looks at the location, for e.g. You want to call your wife when  you  go out, you can set  the time or locations and you will be said to call when you leave.

Camera: Double tap the lock screen and you will get the camera icon at the bottom left , for an instant pic. You  are getting grid lines. Pinch to zoom, HDR made for easier and the sexiest thing though very late… You will be able to take  the picture with the Volume up button.

Mail: The mail is made same like the Mail in MAC. You will be able to edit the text, for e.g. edit your fonts, gont size etc. You  will be able to move your email sending ID to CC with out typing it again. You can now also encrypt other’s email ID if youare  sending one mail to more than one person.

PC Free: You don’t need to connect it to PC when you buy any new iDevice. It will kick you to the Setup screen, showing  “Welcome”. And they had to, enable the OTA updates and they did.


Game Center: Updated, you can make new friends, see friends of friends and the games are recommended. If you are a good  game hitter, you will be recommended your opponent automatically.


iMessage: And now you can Message via iPad and iPod now. It can be used via Wi-Fi and 3G. iMessage has got many other feature, check them out right here. The iMessage will be able only between iOS Devices (iPad & iPod).