Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

15-Inch MacBook Air Coming This April To Kill MacBook Pro

Along the iOS devices, the new MacBook Air is also the another leading product of Apple, which becomes immensely popular among the users with the overhauled portable design from the Apple, and the launch of mini MacBook Air an 11-inch model, however, the Apple has also dropped its price to make it more affordable for the average customer, and drops the entire collection of the plastic body MacBook.

15-inch MacBook Air
But now it is reported by the sources in the market that Apple is also looking forward to kill or give a hit to its another MacBook product with the launch of the new model in the MacBook Air series. It is reported that Apple is planning to launch a 15-inch model of MacBook Air, which is assumed to be surely killing off the MacBook Pro series. The new report regarding the launch of new MacBook Air 15-inch comes from the folks over Electricpig, who attended this year’s CU Exposed conference in London yesterday, a complete dedicated conference to accessories especially designed for the Mac.

In the conference, the blog member meets one vendor that claims that Apple is preparing a 15-inch MacBook Air model to launch this year in the April along with other cosmetic things for the new product. The device, like Apple’s current MacBook Airs, will feature ports on both sides, no optical drive, and no ethernet cable, according to the source. They are so confident about this that they have their manufacturers “on standby” to make and ship a new product for the 15-inch notebook within 90 days of its release.

However, the Apple is also rumored on the other side by the rumor mill that the company is preparing a new MacBook Pro model with heavily trimmed down design, which might look like an Air-like MacBook Pro. Well, there are no words on anything by now, but soon in the little future, we surely come to know more aspects of this news.