Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Survey Claims: You’re a Paid User if You watch Videos on Netflux

According to some poll results collected by Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney, that took place last week, we were not that shocked as it gave use these results. The idea was to have a poll among the Web Users and thus it came out with this breakdown of Web Video Usage.

Its very easy to predict that what would be the first choice for a user to rush for if they want to watch a video. That is because firstly Youtube offers it for Free, and secondly the fact that they comes out with HD videos now too. Those who don’t fall in this category then falls in Facebook where mainly videos are uploaded on Pages to attract some fans or maybe your friend shares videos on their walls.

This makes Youtube to lead with 69.2% as you can leaving with Facebook on 2nd position with 27.1 %, but surprisingly a website where you are made to pay for watching videos, on 3rd position with 24.5%. So it surely can be predicted now that if you are watching video for free, there is a higher probability that its Youtube, or Facebook, and else if you are watching video while you’re paying for it, then its Netflix with a higher probability.

Hulu is close to Netflix, but there is again a higher probability that these users are those who watch videos for free on Hulu, rather than the Hulu Paid Subscribers. Talking of subscribers, we might see them more in Youtube or Facebook, than in Hulu, and that again because of them being free in the earlies.

Similarly coming down the list would be a bit surprising to see the iTunes users which fall in about 10% of the Web Users. Well Apple’s iTunes doesn’t include the streaming options like in the others, unless if we say that these users might have increased in number after the release of Apple TV in September 2010, but that would not be material.

What I get here in mind is a new idea for the Youtube videos to be put on Payment, due to its large number of Users, and HD videos. It can be a good option for them, or rather just putting out a new idea of Paid Subscribers there. What do you say?