Fri. May 27th, 2022

10 Great Retina-Enabled Games For Your New iPad

If you were one of those who were lucky enough to get their hands on the brilliant new iPad , am sure that you have now finished unboxing your iPad and headed directly to the App Store to download some cool games and apps inorder to unleash the powers of your new monster and enjoy it during the day . With tons of apps and games available on the App Store one will be lost , so we have listed the best iPad games out there and those are a must have and I think after you have downloaded these great apps  you wont let your new friend down :


Real Racing 2— $4.99

Get ready for the most exhilarating handheld racing experience! Take control of 30 officially licensed cars, each with unique performance characteristics. Feel the thrill of authentic pack racing action in an incredible 16-car grid !!  This game is really amazing with its crisp graphics and stunning animation it will let you feel that your driving the car … !! and if your a racing fan or not you’ll love this game , inaddition to this and if you grabbed a new Apple TV with your iPad or you already own one , you’ll take advantage of AirPlay to play on your HDTV while using your iPad as a controller.

Infinity Blade II — $6.99

If your into adventure games , then this is a must have . Infinity blade II is without a doubt worth the money , its in simple words awesome !! This game is a masterful mobile epic! where you go through a journey as a hero to uncover its deep secret with it breath taking graphics it will steal you for some hours from the real world . So can you discover the secret of this game ??

Grand Theft Auto 3 — $4.99

I bet that most of you have played this game on his old game console , its doesn’t need  my description cause already its a blockbuster but on the iPad its just a whole new level of playing with the polished graphics and animations , trust me you’ll get addicted ! I cant just stop playing this game . It all happens in Liberty City , which will be your home in the virtual world ! you’ll be able to interact inside a new world just with your fingers  .

Plants vs. Zombies — $6.99

This game is amazing just the way it is . Its such a great game , you can spend hours of fun just trying to save your house from ZOMBIES that will try to eat your brain . You’ll be defending for this house with all of your powers and they will attack your backyard as well as your frontyard , in day and in night , but your weapons only PLANTS and your ammo is the sun , trust me plants might do a lot of damage sometimes but they need a smart brain to defeat the zombies so let it be YOU .

Angry Birds HD — $2.99

Help your favorite birds to destroy the pigs that stole their eggs and take revenge in an amazing way . Fling and shoot , let the bird be the bullet then hit the pig and your ready to go . Angry birds HD will give you a whole new experience of Angry Birds on your new iPad . Its just fabulous . So hit 2 pigs in one bird and go grab it .

Minecraft –  Pocket Edition — $6.99

The wait is over and the game we wanted to carry with us every where we go is here . Minecraft is a great game if you like to build things and discover other . In this game you’ll be able to build shapes you want with over 36 different types of blocks , but you might meet a sheep there where you can benefit from its wool and you’ll defend yourself against the pigs in survival mode . Its just an amazing game to bring your ideas to life .

Jetpack Joyride — Free

Wear your jet pack and get ready for an endless journey with countless hours of fun . During your journey you’ll face some obstacles like zappers and  missiles and you’ll be able to collect coins . But the best thing in this game is its store where you can buy with the coins you collected : upgrades to the vehicles that you use on your way to get a high score and you can buy an new jetpack , in addition to some cloth . Its like you on a mission , this game will be the best game to play if you have a short break , I remember finishing the missions 2 times and I still play it , cause you cant easily forget this game once you have played it

Words with Friends HD— $0.99

If you love Scrabble then your defiantly love this , cause its more like a Social Scrabble . Its like a Facebook of Scrabble where you can play against friends from facebook or with anyone out of the 20 million users of this app . Its a punch of fun , where you’ll have fun and punch your opponents with words to win .

World Of Goo — $4.99

If you have a mac then you probably know this game , its a great puzzle game where you have to drag and drop the balls of goo to a build a flimsy structures and provide the balls with a route to their pipe . Words cant describe how much this game is fun to play .