6 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android To Have Long Day Charge

by Ankit Pandey - on Dec 18th 2017 - No Comments

Owning a smartphone is no big deal in today’s time, but maintaining its battery levels is a task in itself. Battery draining in Android phones is a big problem with a majority of users complaining about it on their smartphones. Smartphones have a tendency of not having a great battery backup as it comes with a number of features in comparison to normal phones. Features like high-speed CPU’s, bigger display screen and frequent use of apps and games are some of the reasons that contribute to the draining of smartphone batteries. But there is a ray of hope for all smartphone users out there. There exists today different apps that can help you in your battery saving endeavor by helping save battery power efficiently. Here’s a look at some of these battery saving apps:

Battery Saver Android Apps

Battery Saver Android Apps

  1. DU Battery Saver:
    You will remember this app as one of the more popular battery saving apps for androidphones. The app has more than 400 million downloads and more than 8 million five star ratings on Google Play which has been tried and tested out by users and tech experts alike. The app includes smart pre-set modes to choose from that can be customised for your phone as per the battery life, performance and battery power usage. There is a “phone cooler” option within the app that shuts off all nonactive CPU applications. A “task killer” on screen also helps optimize battery use by managing various aspects like brightness on the phone, Wifi, sound, and data with one simple tap.
  2. Greenify:
    As the name suggests,, Greenify is a free energy saver app that helps manage your phone’s battery life. The app helps scan for unwanted applications that aren’t in use and puts them into hibernation. This way the app won’t need to spend unrequired resources until it’s in use again. Greenify helps distinguish the running apps from the non-running apps. It helps kill the running processes in the background effectively so the CPU’s load is reduced drastically which means less consumption for your device and saving of energy. The app is best used on rooted phones than unrooted ones because of the add-on functionalities. The app has seen a growing popularity in 2017. Looking for more such tips and best deals on smartphones? Then be sure to visit Frugaa.com.
  3. Battery Doctor:
    Battery Doctor is an offering of Cheetah mobile and has seen a steadfast rise in downloads this year. What makes it stand out amongst the crowd is its friendly user interface and its ability to support more than 28 languages. The app is free of cost and comes with no extra charges and offering a multitude of features like:
  • Easy adjustable mobile settings providing for longer battery backups.
  • Provides a handy battery backup time in case the phone is being used in activities like playing games and browsing the internet.
  • Different power saving modes available that can be customized within one’s smartphone.
  • Charging your smartphone battery with a 3-way charging system.
  • Quick toggling power hogging settings from inside the application and widgets like Bluetooth, Wifi, brightness and mobile data
  1. Avast Battery Saver:
    Avast is a great option for people who want to regulate and control various aspects of their smartphone. As compared to other battery saver apps in the market, Avast provides a detailed point by point account of the things expending your battery and providing instant solutions to rectify them. It works with different phone settings like adjusting screen brightness, internet connection, a timeout option to optimize these settings as per your needs and battery backup. Other notable features include:
  • Precise assessment of battery life
  • Background task killer detecting apps consuming the most power and deactivating them permanently
  • Battery optimized smart profiles with 5 configurable power consumption profile which are based on battery levels, location and time.
  • App notifications regarding changes in phone profile.
  1. Deep Sleep Battery Saver:
    While there may be plenty of apps that save battery life, Deep Sleep battery saver takes this another level altogether. The device stands true to its name and automatically puts your device in a deep sleep mode while the screen is not being used. During the deep sleep period, functions like wifi, 3G, and background apps are stopped. Custom profile settings within the app include features like:
  • The device can be turned on and off in DS mode at a selected frequency.
  • Different weekday and weekend settings
  • Syncing control that includes auto-sync capabilities and sync control strategies.
  • Setting the device on wake mode for a selected duration after each frequency cycles.
  • Selecting apps that will be stopped in the DS mode.
  • Controlling radio settings with the DS mode.
  1. 360 Battery:
    360 Battery saver is a free app available on Google Play that looks to enhance your phone’s battery life working in an observing capacity. The apps work round the clock to optimize phone battery and provides a detailed 24-hour consumption report. The app also comes with preset modes that can be applied which lets it control all the work including stopping all battery consuming applications. Other notable features of the app include:
  • Monitoring different phases of battery charging
  • Easily and accurately calculating standard time
  • Selecting power saving operations for max battery backup
  • Battery control estimation and control sparing mode

So there we have a comprehensive list of the 6 best battery saving apps for your smartphone. Be sure to try them all out today.


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